Privacy Policy

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Our privacy policy outlines how we handle and safeguard your personal information. We have a strong dedication to ensuring the security of your data, as we value your privacy greatly. Rest assured that we will never divulge your identity to any third party without your explicit consent.

What we collect
We will gather your identifying information, such as your name and contact details, in order to facilitate the high-quality services we offer. This may include requesting your demographic data, like your postal code, along with other pertinent personal information.

We utilize this data for setting up our services, curating a stellar customer experience, and enhancing our product. Our goal is to gain insight from your information to cater to your needs and deliver superior services. Furthermore, we scrutinize your data to improve our overall experience and product offerings.

At our company, safeguarding your data is our top priority. That‘s why we use robust security protocols to ensure the protection of your information. Our comprehensive processes, including physical, electronic, and managerial checks, ensure that your data remains secure.

How we use cookies
A cookie is a type of software utilized by websites to personalize your browsing experience. Once you give consent, the cookie is stored on your hard drive and enables the website to keep track of your visits and interests. By monitoring your behavior, the website can adapt to your preferences and provide a more tailored user experience. This saves time and effort as the web application remembers your choices and settings.

Our website utilizes cookies to monitor and analyze your interactions to enhance user experience. We prioritize safeguarding your data and do not disclose it to external parties. Rest assured, all data will be promptly deleted after processing.

Cookies are tiny pieces of data that allow us to recognize you as a returning user and enhance your browsing experience. They do not collect any personal information and will not harm your computer in any way. By accepting our cookies, you can fully enjoy our website without interruption from online tracking. However, the choice to accept or decline cookies is ultimately yours. While most browsers automatically accept cookies, you have the option to refuse them, which may affect your online shopping experience.

Links to other websites
Leaving our website by clicking on a link will direct you to another site, please be aware that we are not in control of that site and cannot guarantee its security. We want to remind you that their terms and policies may differ from ours, so make sure to review their privacy statement before sharing any personal information on the internet.

Controlling your personal information
Your privacy is important to us and we want you to have control over your personal information. You have the choice to either opt out of our collection and use of your data or you can restrict the collection and use by following these steps:

Ensure that, when filling out a form on a website, you keep an eye out for an option that will let you express your preference to not have your information utilized by the brand for direct marketing activities. If the brand has already utilized your information for direct marketing, they can reverse their decision and cease using your information.

We value your privacy and will never trade, distribute, or lease your information to any third parties. However, if you specifically request for us to do so, we may release your information. If it is legally mandated, we may also disclose your data.